Latest changes

1.62 (1.11/1.11.2)
  • Fixed the meaning of ‘enableConfigLoadedMesssage’
  • Fixes issues arising from tree files with large numbers of entries.
  • Various auto-refill fixes.
  • Made the mod slightly better at not slowing down Minecraft loading as much.
1.61 (1.10.2/1.9.4)
  • Default file creation works with larger files.
  • Config backup files are now created in the correct location.
  • ‘Cooked Fish’ now has the correct current ID in the tree file (Mojang originally misspelled it, then fixed it later).
  • The item tree has learned how to compare item data in JSON format, needed for 1.9’s potion changes.
1.60 (1.8.9/1.8.8/1.8)
  • Network handling for server-assisted mode should be more consistent.
  • Sorting works in creative mode inventory again.
  • Move-all-of-type shortcut works more often in situations where the first item in the section was not the clicked item.
  • Horses/Donkeys equipped with a chest are now sortable.
  • Default sort of items not in the item tree altered to provide better results in most cases.
  • Mushroom stew auto-refill works again.
  • Various other small changes
1.59 (1.8)
  • Auto-refill is more consistent.
  • Compatibility XML file can now disable display of buttons.
  • Shortcuts try harder to merge stacks instead of filling up empty space.
  • Tool damage ordering can be reversed by configuration file.
  • Sorting rules should be less likely to cause strange behavior. (KNOWN ISSUE: Chests still frequently act strange in horizontal/vertical sort mode)
1.58 (1.7.2/1.7.10)
  • Better handling of bad Forge Ore Dictionary entries for item tree.
  • Silenced some debug output that appeared to be an error.
  • Added keybinding config to default Minecraft keybinding options.
  • Various enhancements to the API for other mods.
  • Configuration screen can now be accessed from the mod list on the main menu screen.
  • Sort-on-pickup should work in single-player again. (MP/Server support is more complicated)
  • Shortcuts using shift should now work correctly.
  • The F3+H display has an added line showing the string ID of items, like Mojang added to the 1.8 snapshots.
  • Auotrefill and sort-on-pickup now immediately resync the inventory with the server.
1.57 (1.7.2/1.7.10)
  • Updated to MC 1.7.2 (With many internal changes to support the update)
  • Use ID names, instead on numerical IDs for blocks/items in config files.
  • Messages during the loading process will now display as chat messages the first time you load a game.
  • Rule-based sorting should no longer freeze the game in specific situations.
  • Using IDs in custom rules may or may not work.
1.56 (1.6.2)
  • Fix loading on Forge build 831 and above.
  • Removed the attempt to register tools from Forge’s internal maps, it wasn’t very precise.
  • Much internal work to simplify things.
1.55b (1.6.2)
  • Fix reversed tree priority sorting.
  • Fix translation format.
1.55 (1.6.2)
  • Sort-on-pickup attempts no longer spam chat messages by repeatedly failing.
  • Auto-refill will now match metadata exactly on items with subtypes (wool, carpet, stained clay, etc.)
  • Major API update, to allow for mods that change the basic player inventory to add compatibility via API.
  • Sorting shortcut automatically disables itself when any standard text field is focused. (Ex: Anvil rename field)
  • Modded containers will never attempt to ‘guess’ where the main player inventory slots are. Ask the developer of the mod to use the API for compatibility issues.
  • Basic compatibility information can be added to a new configuration file ‘InvTweaksCompatibility.xml’. (For modpack builders, this is not a substitute for using the API and will only work correctly for fixed-size chest-like containers)
  • Language files are now loaded using MC1.6’s resource pack system, so they can be overriden or new languages added by resource packs.
  • The override button texture file should now be located at ‘assets/inventorytweaks/textures/gui/button10px.png’
[05.01.2013] 1.54 (1.5/1.5.1/1.5.2)
  • Fixed an error with shortcuts while the inventory screen was shifted (ex. by potion/beacon effects).
  • Compatibiltiy for Galacticraft’s enhanced inventory screen.
  • API enhancements. (ItemTree information can be accessed via API)
  • Improved shortcut behavior with extract-only slots.
  • Various behind-the-scenes enhancements.
[04.02.2013] 1.53 (1.5/1.5.1)
  • Server-assistance support should handle lag slightly better.
  • Sorting auto-stacking will stack items with matching NBT data, rather than treating all items with data as inheriently unstackable.
  • Sorting will order items given a display name before other versions of that item.
  • Sorting will order enchanted items before unenchanted items, order among enchanted items is determined by number of enchants, ID of highest-level enchant, and level of highest-level enchant.
  • InvTweaksTree.txt now supports classing items by Forge Ore Dictionary names, default tree has been updated to account for this and includes some commonly-used names.
  • Autoreplace in repair-friendly mode has a configurable threshhold value for the replacement trigger.
[03.15.2013] 1.52 (1.5/1.5.1)
  • Fixed NEI detection for larger than vanilla chests (ex. IronChests)
  • Implemented an optional server module to potentially help with mod items that cause glitches with the normal mode
  • Updated tree file for MC1.5
  • Enabled shortcuts in creative mode (may by somewhat buggy)
[03.10.2013] 1.51b (1.5/1.5.1)
  • Added support for Hopper GUI
  • Fixed crash when viewing mod list
  • Added logo file for mod list
  • Fixed sorting in creative mode version of player inventory
[03.09.2013] 1.51 (1.5/1.5.1)
  • Built with Minecraft Forge/FML instead of ModLoader
  • Additional support for grouping ores and tools of the same type
  • Fixed a bug with Forestry Backpacks/RP2 canvas bags and possibly other inventories causing the client to hang
  • Crafting tables with persistent slots (RP2 project table, etc.) that are supported for even stacks will not have their crafting grid cleared by a main inventory sort
  • Added a mod support API for mods to declare the info required for compatibility
[01.17.2013] 1.50 (1.4.7)
  • Switched sources to MCP (= faster to update, easier to contribute)
  • Middle click evens the stacks on crafting tables (thanks to
  • Removed uneffective NoCheatPlus hack, put a help screen instead
  • Fix chests being sometimes left open forever
[11.15.2012] 1.45 (1.4.4)
  • Added Beta option to make the mod work on anti-cheat servers
  • Fixed the potato IDs in the item tree (delete config/InvTweaksTree.txt to refresh it)
  • Added Norwegian translation (thanks to mymusicmanager)
  • Partially fixed the 1-9 + R shortcut to quickly switch between configs
[10.26.2012] 1.44 (1.4.2)
  • Updated mod and item list to Minecraft 1.4.2
  • Added option to replace tools just before they break
  • Added chest support for TerraFirmaCraft & Metallurgy (thank you Fostenel!)
  • Removed the sort key from the now saturated Controls screen (use the ”...” menu)
  • Updated translations
[08.17.2012] 1.43 (1.3.2)
  • Updated mod to Minecraft 1.3.2
  • Added button to define the sort key in the ”...” menu
  • Added ability for texture packs to have custom buttons for the mod
  • Fixed sorting by damage
  • Made rectangle rules priorities more intuitive
  • Increased the sounds volume a bit
[08.02.2012] 1.42 (1.3.1)
  • Updated mod & item tree to Minecraft 1.3.1
  • Make the item tree support damage ranges (dmin/dmax)
  • Mods support:
    • Added RedPower2’s Ejector & Relay
    • Added ColorBox chests
  • Fixed a freeze when sorting full inventory
  • Fixed a crash when using the middle click on the title screen
  • Fixed the inventory getting glitchy when having buffs
  • Made the mod fix the ‘stuck keys’ problem for real
  • Sorting on pickup now works in SMP
[03.27.2012] 1.41 (1.2.4)
  • Updated mod & item tree to Minecraft 1.2.4
  • Improved armor auto-equipment
  • Fixed a crash when changing some controls to mouse buttons
  • Fixed a possible rare freeze when using shortcuts
[03.04.2012] 1.40b (1.2.3)
  • Fixed a sorting bug
[03.04.2012] 1.40 (1.2.3)
  • Updated mod & item tree to Minecraft 1.2.3
  • Added Traditional Chinese translation (thanks to GazCore)
  • Tweaked Move all shortcut behavior
[02.29.2012] 1.40 (1.1)
  • Fixed crash on crafting
  • Fixed Move all shortcut
  • Some other changes to shortcuts behaviour
  • Added support for Ender Chest
  • Fixed chest buttons position with Not Enough Items (but no dupe bug fix as it’s an NEI feature)
  • Added 10 translations, thanks to:
    • Ryo567 & Aledrobt (Spanish)
    • 0l1vR (German)
    • TH3steven (Dutch)
    • Ezspecial & Ricalou (Portuguese)
    • Hugsim, Doyle3694 & Brott (Swedish)
    • JonathanHertz (Danish)
    • Fishy (Polish)
    • Necrontoend & VADemon (Russian)
    • Ricalou & NTWalker (Japanese)
    • IvyMichael & NTWalker (Chinese)
    • And a few more small contributors!


[02.14.2012] 1.38 (1.1)
  • Updated support for Equivalent Exchange, Iron chests & Red Power 2
  • Better support for Multi-Page Chest
  • Big containers now have chest icons on the side
[01.31.2012] 1.37c (1.1)
  • Fixed sort on pickup freezing the game
  • Fixed crash on switching configurations
  • Some sorting fixes and improvements
  • Added potions to the item tree
  • Added French translation
[01.20.2012] 1.37 (1.1)
  • Added Space + click shortcut to move everything
  • Fixed Ctrl + click to craft one item directly to the inventory
  • Fixed Up + Click for brewing stands not working with potions
  • Removed all custom Shift + Click behavior (it now acts as default Minecraft does)
  • Added sorting support for Red Power 2 and IC� containers
  • Rewrote sorting on pickup feature (...still not SMP compatible)
[01.14.2012] 1.36 (1.1)
  • Updated the mod to Minecraft 1.1
  • Improved the settings screen and added a few options
  • Fixed a rare crash when opening the shortcuts help
  • Fixed a crash when removing properties from the .cfg file
[12.24.2011] 1.35 (1.0.0)
  • Fixed a sorting error
  • Fixed the brick IDs in the item tree
  • Shift+click on hotbar now moves the stacks to the chest
  • Fixed sorting being impossible while in a furnace
  • Removed spamming error message when switching configs
  • Fixed support for the Multi-Page Chest mod
  • Added support for the More Storage mod
[12.12.2011] 1.34 (1.0.0)
  • Shortcuts:
    • Enabled shortcuts with keys combinations
    • Shift + click now moves one stack (like in vanilla)
    • Changed ‘move all’ default shortcut to Ctrl + Shift + Click
    • Some shortcuts improvements and fixes
    • Support for brewing stands & enchantment tables
  • Reworked mod support:
    • Support for the IronChests mod
    • Support for the Multi Page Chest mod
    • Improved support for Equivalent Exchange
    • Made it possible to create rules for unknown mod items
    • No more crashes with unsupported mods
  • Sorting can now be assigned to any mouse button
  • Fixed possible crashes on external errors
  • Unnecessary spaces/tabs are now tolerated in configs
[11.21.2011] 1.33 (1.0.0)
  • Updated source code and item tree to Minecraft 1.0.0
  • Partial support for Equivalent Exchange containers
  • The item tree file is now updated automatically (backups and replaces the old one)
  • Switched back packaging to a zip
[10.02.2011] 1.32 (B1.8.1)
  • Fixed crafting shortcut
  • Fixed shortcuts help screen
  • Fixed creative mode compatibility issues
  • Fixed ‘move all’ shortcut
  • Fixed auto refill with mod items
  • Shortcuts now moves items from and to the chests
  • Updated item tree to 1.9 pre2
  • Made the item tree replace the existing one if newer (makes a backup)
[09.16.2011] 1.31 Beta (B1.8.1)
  • (Quickly) updated source code to Minecraft 1.8.1
[09.13.2011] 1.31 (B1.7.3)
  • Added shortcuts to switch between sorting configurations (0-9 + Sort)
  • Up/Down shortcuts now work with the Forward/Backward keys
  • Shortcuts now choose the destination the same way that Minecraft does
  • Fixed the ‘move all’ and ‘drop’ shortcuts not working
  • Fixed compatibility issues with mods (especially Millenaire)
  • Fixed the ‘craft all’ shortcut using the remains to craft something else
  • Fixed a freeze when using a shortcut while holding an item
  • Fixed a freeze when sorting maps
[08.16.2011] 1.30 (B1.7.3)
  • Added various shortcuts to move/drop/craft items
  • The mod has been tested and tweaked for the Aether mod
  • Tools are now also sorted by damage in SMP
  • Sorting now moves all items from the crafting table to the inventory
  • Sorting now equips the best armor available in the inventory
  • The “stuff” rule now also matches unknown mod items
  • Changed back the item tree extension to .txt
  • Better reloading behavior with multiple configurations
  • Rectangle rules can now use the ‘r’ modifier
  • Huge refactoring of the mod’s code, to release a library for modders someday


[08.01.2011] 1.22 (B1.7.3)
  • Really fixed the bug making a lot of keywords not work
  • Middle click is now automatically disabled when Convenient Inventory’s is on
  • Fixed a performance issue introduced in 1.21
[07.30.2011] 1.21 (B1.7.3)
  • Fixed the bug making a lot of keywords not work
  • Added support for multiple configurations
[07.27.2011] 1.20 (B1.7.3)
  • Fixed the columns rule being reversed
  • Moved the configuration files to the “config” folder
  • The tree file is now in XML for easier editing
  • Autoreplace and sorting now trigger a sound
  • Made picked up items go directly in the slot defined for sorting
  • Added a special settings menu to inventories
    • Added an option to hide chest buttons
    • Added an option instead of the “DISABLEMIDDLECLICK” rule
    • Added an option to disable sorting of picked up items
    • Added a link to edit both configuration files
    • Added a link to the mod’s documentation
  • Set up InvTweaks.cfg to store all previous properties
  • Soud can also be disabled in InvTweaks.cfg
  • Added a new special rule “FROZEN”
  • Fixed a bug regarding autoreplace customization
  • Better error handling


[07.21.2011] 1.11 (B1.7.3)
  • Middle click now works on chests (doesn’t crash anymore)
  • Middle clicking several times swaps between the sorting methods
  • Fixed a crash when sorting an empty chest
  • Added a timeout in SMP, to avoid game freezes while sorting
  • Tweaked a bit the intelligent chest sorting
[07.20.2011] 1.10b (B1.7.3)
  • Fixed a crash when sorting the inventory with an open chest on SMP
[07.20.2011] 1.10 (B1.7.3)
  • Added three buttons on chests and dispensers to sort them
  • Added some missing items to item tree
  • Fixed a bug involving rectangle rules
  • Eaten mushroom soups now always leave the hotbar on autoreplace
  • Added German and French readmes


[07.02.2011] 1.07 (B1.7.2)
  • Holding the sort key is no more needed to hot-reload
  • Fixed eating mushroom soups not triggering autoreplace
  • Fixed least damaged tools being selected first again
  • Rule priorities adjustment
[07.02.2011] 1.06 (B1.7.2)
  • Updated to 1.7.2
[06.19.2011] 1.06 (B1.6.6)
  • Fixed a few things broken by the 1.05 update
  • Fixed autoreplace not working with signs
  • Fixed bugs where items end in wrong slots or swap on each sorting
  • Minor item tree update
[06.13.2011] 1.05 (B1.6.6)
  • Enhanced keyword tree possibilities
    • Categories defined by ID ranges
    • Items defined by both ID and “damage value”
  • Improved guessing for wrong keywords
  • Fixed sorting triggered while chatting or creating signs
  • Fixed sorting sometimes leaving an item under the cursor in SMP
  • Fixed shift + click on the hotbar triggering autoreplace
  • Fixed autoreplace ignoring wool colors, sapling types, etc.
  • Fixed the item tree not handling correctly duplicate items
  • Fixed rules priorities problem
[06.04.2011] 1.04b (B1.6.6)
  • Adjusted rules priorities
  • Minor item tree fix
[06.04.2011] 1.04 (B1.6.6)
  • The mod can now be installed through the mods folder
    • Now really compatible with MyCraft
  • Autoreplace now selects the smallest stack first
  • Fixed freeze when sorting several tools of same ID in SMP
  • Added DEBUG rule to enable verbose logging
[06.02.2011] 1.03 (B1.6.6)
  • Made the mod compatible with MyCraft Mod Manager
  • Added rectangle rules
  • The middle click will sort your inventory (can be disabled)
  • Fixed occasional ghost items caused by autoreplace in SMP
  • Fixed sorting not working while chests/crafting tables are open in SMP
  • Added map, trapdoors and dead shrubs to the item tree
  • Various minor changes/fixes to the item tree
[05.30.2011] 1.02 (B1.6.6)
  • Most damaged tools are now selected first
  • Fixed item duplication bug
  • Fixed bug concerning upper case item names
[05.30.2011] 1.01b (B1.6.5)
  • Default configuration was missing in the zip
[05.29.2011] 1.01 (B1.6.5)
  • The sort button can now be configured again
  • Autoreplace now works most of the time in SMP
[05.28.2011] 1.0 (B1.6.4)
  • Updated to 1.6.4
  • Changed default key from E to R
[05.27.2011] 1.0 (B1.5_01)
  • Multiplayer support
  • Added autoreplace configuration
  • Added short delay before autoreplace
  • Fixed sorting sometimes not being perfect in one stroke
  • Fixed wool of different colors (and others) merging together
  • Minor item tree changes
[05.16.2011] 1.0 Beta2 (B1.5_01)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Item tree fixes
  • Various improvements
[05.15.2011] 1.0 Beta (B1.5_01)
  • Configurable sorting shortcut
  • Automatic item replacement
  • Customizable sorting rules
    • By column
    • By row
    • By tile
    • Reversed rules
    • Exclusion rules
  • Customizable item tree
  • Hot configuration reload